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Frequently Asked Questions
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Nelson Video Productions specializes in customized wedding videography; offering professional editing with special effects, scene transitions, titles and music.
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My objective is to provide complete coverage of your most memorable day.
Q. Why videotape my wedding?
A. Nothing can preserve a memory as perfectly as video, making your wedding memories recorded for a lifetime and beyond.

Q. Why should we have a professional video made when my friend/relative can film it on their phone or video camera?
A. Your wedding day is something you have dreamed about all of your life, the day has been planned in detail for months, maybe even years, and then in just one day it is suddenly all over.  In the enormity of the day it is difficult to take everything in, and there are many things that are missed completely.  For example, the Bride won't be able to see her guests arriving and the Groom won't be able to see his Bride arriving outside the church.  Video is the only way to capture everything that happens as a precious reminder of your day.  Only video can recall the vows, the speeches, the music and the laughter.

Having a professional videographer means that you do not have to rely on a friend or relative to film your wedding.  Even with their best efforts, no friend or relative that is involved in the wedding will have the time or experience to make sure every important moment is caught on film.

I always use tripods to ensure professional shots throughout.  You are not only paying for your wedding to be filmed, but also to be professionally edited into a beautiful DVD that will be a lasting memory that you will treasure for years to come.
  Time -
  • Up to 8 hours on your wedding day
  • 40 to 60 hours of editing time
  Equipment -
  • Professional 3 chip cameras, lenses and lighting
  • Wireless microphone
  • The latest in non-linear editing software
  • A powerful computer system
  Experience -
  • I've videotaped numerous weddings and understand how your day is likely to flow.  I can help you develop a schedule so you can be sure to get the shots you want.
The big question...
Q. Why is quality wedding videography so expensive?
A.  Just like any investment, your wedding is about enjoying the present and planning for the future.  If quality videography is important to you, you'll need to pay for the time, equipment and experience that professional videography offers.  Three reasons are:
Q. We have a photographer booked, why should we book a videographer as well?
A. A photographer will always produce a good record of your day, however, there are many things that a still photo just cannot recall, such as your vows and the speeches.  Video can also capture the fun and excitement, showing your guests enjoying themselves and documenting the many things that have all come together.  By having a videographer, so many precious moments can be captured forever to create a lasting memory.

Q. What is an interactive DVD?
A. An interactive DVD includes menus just like a movie DVD.  You will be able to navigate directly to your ceremony, receiving line, reception, toast, first dance, cake cutting and others.  No longer will you have to fast forward to view or show a certain part of your wedding.