What sets me apart?  My goal is to make you thrilled
that you chose Nelson Video Productions for your
wedding videography.  In fact, I am often told that the
video was the most important decision that the bride
and groom made because only on video is every detail
of the wedding day preserved as it happened . . .

My mission would be impossible if my price was out
of reach.  My pricing system is simple:

Your wedding day    in one low price . . .

I invite you to compare my pricing with any other fine videographers in the area.  You will be amazed at the value that Nelson Video Productions affords you.  My four DVD set gives you what no other videographer will.

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My Mission
Nelson Video Productions 322 Garfield St. Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 53538
nelsonvideoprod@gmail.com (920) 222-6223
Serving Southern Wisconsin
The Company

Nelson Video Productions specializes in customized wedding videography; offering professional editing with special effects, scene transitions, titles and music.
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My objective is to provide complete coverage of your most memorable day.